About Dave

Hi, I'm Dave Seagrave. I trained at the City of Leeds College of Music, from 1993 to 1995, under the guidance of Gordon Witham (co-founder Gordon Smith Guitars), and the legendary Ted Lee. I spent the next 10 years repairing guitars, basses and all manner of stringed instruments in the Leeds/West Yorkshire area. For 7 of the those years I worked under the eye of Glyn Evans. Glyn went on to be a tutor at the college, and is now the Southern Hemisphere's top luthier. Other alumni I've had the pleasure of working with include Ben Shand and Dave King, West Yorkshire's top guitar repairers.

Dave's Guitar Services

If you're new to guitar, or even a seasoned pro, maintaining and getting the most out of your instrument can only help with your playing. If your action's a little high, or your nut's a little buzzy, then it's time for a fettle. Maybe you love your guitar, but you're not happy with the tone? It's probably worth looking at how to change the sound without the expense of a new instrument. Taking an instrument and transforming it into something special is probably my favourite aspect. Whatever your needs or ideas might be, we can have a chat and see what can be done, no matter how absurd! After fixing and fettling for over 20 years, the one thing I've learned is that almost anything is possible.

I've played guitar for 27 years, and continue to be a working musician, albeit part time. These days I mainly play funk, soul and disco with my outfit, The Juggernaut Love Band, or session work for local studios. I also play a variety of other styles on both electric and acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin and piano. As a repairer, this gives me great insight into the needs of the working musician, and the subtle differences needed to obtain maximum potential from your instrument.

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